If you want the girl next door...go next door!
cute.insanely funny.intelligent.tattooed.witty. Fat chick !

I’ml a fan of tomfoolery, shenanigans, sarcasm, attention to detail, and all things incurably romantic or inherently zany.

Stuff I like:
concerts, museums, shows, roller derby, punk - indie - & old school hip hop, fashion, antiques, odd collectibles, sports, ART, movies, decorating, zombies, comic books, dancing, Johnny Cash, reading, traveling, the rat pack, classic cars, video games, the history and discovery channels, football, Hitchcock movies, hockey, and spending time with friends

Guys that read (books) make me swoon. Guys with glasses are adorable. Guys in Converse are dreamy.
I ask questions, because I'm nosey ...